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Work As A Part Time Virtual Assistant

July 21, 2021

Work As A Part Time Virtual Assistant

Whenever I share work from home job opportunities, one of the usual questions is: “Is there a part-time position?“.

I think the main reason for this is that they are afraid to leave their current job but would like to earn extra money either for themselves or their families. It’s not that hard to understand because we all want to have a secure job and work from home opportunities or freelancing jobs tend to be unstable depending on the company or client you’re working with.

I’m one of those who would like to earn some extra money and was referred by one of my colleagues to try getting Magic. Get Magic or Magic for short recruits freelancers or virtual assistants. They find clients that you’ll be assisting from time to time. All transactions, tasks, and communication are done through chat. For security purposes, you’re not allowed to communicate directly with clients via voice. It’s basically a non voice job that I prefer, just like most from the BPO industry. We’re pretty much tired of talking to people, right? 😉

How does magic work?

You’ll be provided with a free 2 weeks training. 3.5 hours daily. Once you pass the assessment, then you’ll be able to work anytime you want. They normally require you to have at least 20 hours of log time per week, but it’s totally up to you when you would like to work. Their hourly rate is 2.60$, which is quite low if you ask me, but there’s an additional 1.50-2+$ depending on what time you’ll be logging in. There’s also an additional bonus depending on your performance. My colleague’s partner, who’s doing it as a full-time job, earns up to $800 per month when she logs in for 40 hours weekly.

What type of tasks will you be doing in Magic?

It’s straightforward if you ask me. It can be as simple as ordering pizza for your clients, buying an iPad on amazon to be delivered to their address, booking a flight, restaurant reservation, arranging names on excel file, and many basic tasks. The training part is mostly about using Get Magic’s tool and how you’ll be communicating with the clients.

Do you have what it takes to be a Magician?

The job is to make people happy and find them what they need – like Magic! They are looking for people who are personable, friendly, flexible, resourceful, and have excellent written communication skills to work with their team of Magicians. Part-time and Full-time positions are available. If you are a good fit for our team, we can hire you on the spot, and you can begin working immediately — like magic! 
Send your resume here: [email protected] 
Place on the subject of the email: Magic, Inc.: Application

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