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Wireless Keyboard for Work and Gaming

October 5, 2021

Wireless Keyboard for Work and Gaming

Finding wireless peripherals has been a bit of a challenge for me. I consider a lot of aspects before making a purchase. Looking for the right keyboard for work and gaming was no exception.
I was looking for something that doesn’t scream as a gaming keyboard but can be used as one. It’s also important that it has full keys and a Numpad because I use it for work. The keyboard I want should also have a good feel for typing and a nice coating for the keys. Lastly, it’s important that it’s affordable to make it worth my hard earn money. All these led me to the Logitech K270 wireless keyboard.

I’ve been using this keyboard for more than a month now, and it has met all my expectations both for my work and gaming needs. I use it a lot at work for about 9 hours. My job involves lots and lots of keyboard usage since I answer and send hundreds of emails daily. I sometimes play a bit of FPS games in the morning, and on weekends I haven’t experienced any delay, malfunction, or any kind of problem with the K270.

The keys are UV-coated. I love the feel and design of the top part. It reminds me of my previous keyboards that I mainly use for gaming. I wanted to preserve the keys on my  Lenovo Legion 5, so I decided to get an external keyboard. Switching to the K270 just made this decision worth it. 
The bottom part is a plain old white grayish plastic. I wish they should have just made it color black. There are holes on the bottom, as you can see, and that’s because it’s spill-resistant, as Logitech claims. I personally avoid placing liquid drinks on my desk, and I don’t really want to try spilling water on my keyboard just to test.

Installing the keyboard was super easy. It was too easy if you asked me. When I plugged the unifying receiver on my laptop, I was waiting for something to pop up or a setting that I can basically thinker with, only to find out that the keyboard is already working without me doing anything else! The keyboard uses 2 triple AAA batteries, and it’s been doing great for the past month. Logitech claims that the battery can last up to 24 months without having it replaced. I use mine a lot, so I’m not really expecting it to last that long but the automatic standby mode really helps when you’re not using your computer.

K270 Wireless Keyboard Features:
KeyboardAdvanced 2.4GHz WirelessLogitech Unifying Receiver33′ Wireless RangePlug and Play Setup8 Hot KeysDurable, UV-Coated KeysSleek, Spill-Resistant Design24 Months Battery LifeFull-size layout with a numeric pad.Operating System Supported:- Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10

If you’re like me, who’s trying to avoid as much wiring as possible, then this could be your solution without compromising your work and game time. It has an Advanced 2.4 GHz wireless connection that virtually eliminates delays, dropouts, and interference compared to a Bluetooth type of connection. One of the main features of a Unifying Receiver like the one the Logitech K270 comes with is its capability to connect up to six Unifying or Unifying-ready devices. That means you’ll have more USB ports available for anything else!

The original price of this keyboard is ₱890 at Benstore. I got it for ₱191 since I had a voucher from my previous purchase. You can see why I’m so happy with my purchase, right? Benstore only offers a 7 days replacement plus 3 months warranty compared to what Logitech normally offers, which is up to 3 years. I’d be happy if this keyboard can last me at least a year. I trust Logitech’s quality, so I’m sure this can last for a year or two. I’ll update this post in case it doesn’t.

Update: I bought this in November and around April it started to frequently disconnect where I had to switch it on and off for it to work. I thought it was a hardware or software problem since battery life was supposed to be for 24 months. It only lasted for almost 10 months in my experience but I guess it could be because I was using it for more than 12 hours daily? I’m not sure if the battery given by the store was a new one too. I bought a Panasonic battery that cost around 10 pesos each. Let’s see how long it would last this time.

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