What If We Can Make Our Own Law?

February 10, 2021

What If We Can Make Our Own Law?

There’s always the same problems in whether on TV, Social Media, Radio or Newspaper and it makes me wonder. Do we have the proper law implemented, or are there laws just not being upheld by the Government? I’m not pro or anti Government and simply wish we could have a better system in our country.
I listed some ideas I wish would be implemented to make our country a better place.

I’m no law expert, and I’m not entirely sure whether some of the ones listed below are already a law or just simply not implemented. Still, I’m writing this to merely express my opinion and ideas on how we can improve as one.

1. E-Jeepney

Sure! Let’s remove all the old jeepneys that are causing pollution and replace them with E-Jeepney. We should have some budget to purchase E-jeepneys that can be rented to jeepney drivers. This way, we can improve the transportation system as well as reduce pollution. It’s a win-win situation for both jeepney drivers who will still be able to earn money for their family, and it will also be a means of gaining funds for the country since the Government will handle it.

2. Mandatory Work From Home Setup

For jobs not involving physical labor. It will be mandatory to provide work from home setup to employees. This will not only lessen the burden of commuting but will also improve the flow of traffic.  

3. No more employment tax – We already pay tax the moment we purchase something. May it be food, clothes, or utility bills, all those have an added tax. Those who earn more than the set threshold shouldn’t need to pay taxes since their money when spent to buy something, will include taxes already.

4. Prioritizing Local Farmers

There would always be news of oversupply, and at times these are either thrown away like trash or bought for a meager price. Importing agricultural products will be highly monitored to avoid causing an economic imbalance. The Government should have some budget to help farmers transport their products, making it possible to buy them at a steady price.

5. No. of children you can have based on your income

You certainly can’t make an excuse like how you want to have a big happy family. If you can’t support a certain number of children based on your income, then who do you expect to help them? We can’t have the Government do all the work for you!

6. Make Homeschooling The new normal for everyone

If it weren’t for the pandemic, homeschooling would only be available for those who can afford it. We should allow everyone to study at home if there’s a guardian who can supervise. Tests and Exams can still be done in schools to make sure students are learning. Doing this can help provide more slots in a classroom for students who have no other options but to go into an actual school.

7. Let’s Go Online!

We have the budget and intelligent citizens who can help get our systems online, such as registration of Business, Government documents, and almost everything else! It will lessen expenses in renting spaces to accommodate our people for requests that can simply be done online. It will also make the processes faster and cheaper!

8. Fair Benefits for All Citizens

We all pay taxes, and we all help towards the growth of our country, so it’s just right that there is no exemption for those who will get help or benefits in times of need. Let’s feel for those less fortunate but let’s not forget other citizens doing their part for our country.

9. Remove Provincial Rates

If we can provide the same competence and skills, why not abolish this law to avoid overcrowding in Manila? It will improve traffic, make land value affordable since the population will be scattered, and help promote all parts of the Philippines.

10. Exams for Politicians

Those running for government positions will have to take exams involving the law, and if they fail, they automatically get disqualified in their candidacy. All campaigns will run under one TV network or Channel, which will showcase their vision for our country. Debates will be held, and each candidate will be given enough time also to highlight their accomplishments. There shall be no chance of running any paid promotions to make it fair for everyone.

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