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What freelancing jobs can a call center agent do?

July 8, 2021

What freelancing jobs can a call center agent do?

There are many freelancing jobs that call center agents can do. They’re not limited to just taking inbound phone calls and providing customer service. Here is a list of some freelancing jobs that you can take on:

Data entry

This task can be completed relatively quickly and does not require a lot of specialized knowledge.

Data entry can be as simple as writing on Microsoft Word or inputting data on Microsoft Excel for any information that your clients would request. It can also be a complex task, such as doing invoices. You have to be a fast learner and get a good grasp of what your clients need you to do.

Usually, a client would provide some sort of training at the beginning to show you how things should be done. What’s important is for you to be familiar with office tools such as the ones mentioned above to assist in terms of business needs.

If you have experience as a call center agent, you most likely already know these tools and how to communicate through email.


Transcribing audio files into text is a skill that can be learned relatively easily and can be very lucrative.

Listening to calls or customers and sometimes typing what customers say in the system is a daily thing for call center representative. That will be your edge if you apply for this type of position. Many companies, such as news channels, law firms, hospitals, etc., require assistance transcribing audio files into word documents.

This time it’s like you’re the quality analyst listening to call, but you’re not there to find any error but to write down the words as accurately as possible.

Social media management

Many businesses and companies are looking for help with managing their social media accounts. It can be confusing and intimidating for some. They might even think that they have to take tons of courses to transition from a customer service job into a social media manager.

You might ask, what does a freelance social media manager do? Let me ask you instead, do you have an Instagram and Facebook account? Do you edit pictures, apply filters, make collages, and create captions on your personal social media post? Then you already have the necessary skills to be a social media manager.

Communication skills are one of the skills you can highlight, which you can use to answer questions, comments, and feedback on the pages you’ll be handling. If you’re interested in this role, you might want to check out Canva too. It’s free and is another good way to highlight yourself as a freelancer who can edit pictures.

Content Writing

Writing is a skill that can be used in many different capacities. This is a good option for agents who want to use their writing skills after years of taking calls to talk to different customers.

You usually don’t get hired as a call center agent when you don’t have good grammar and English communication skills.

I would recommend building your own personal blog just to get started. There are free ones like Blogger, WordPress, or Wix, in which you can write absolutely anything. Start with something you’re passionate about and write around three articles that you can show as samples when you apply as a content writer.

Chat Support or Email Support

Chat support or email support is a good alternative for those who are tired or not comfortable talking on the phone. The difference between chat support and phone conversation with call center agents is that you type out messages to customers in real-time instead of talking through them on the phone.

Providing customer satisfaction or customer support shouldn’t be that hard to do since you already have the basics of how to respond to a customer.

Appointment Setter

Many real estate agents are looking online for appointment setters or customer service agents, and they’re willing to pay more than most local companies.

If you’re not yet tired of taking or making calls and would want the benefits of permanently working from home, then this could be the job for you. Having customer support or telecommunications skills makes you the first priority when a company is hiring.

Your main task usually is to do cold calling. That means calling people from a list that your client will provide and asking them if they would like to either visit a location that’s for sale or if they need any help in selling a property.

Virtual Assistant

Some of the top freelancers work as a virtual assistant. This position requires various skills as you are most likely to handle a vast scope of tasks. This job position usually assists big or small business owners who are too busy to manage specific tasks such as data entry, social media management, lead generation, sales, and other forms of operations that their business needs support with.

If you want to enter the freelancers’ world and excel, you have to have a positive attitude. Don’t belittle yourself for only having a customer support experience. It’s totally up to you how you would like to position any experience you have to get hired. Don’t worry too much if you lack some skills because training is usually provided.

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