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Signs It’s Time to Work From Home

January 29, 2022

Signs It’s Time to Work From Home

Work From Home means that an employee or freelancer is working from their house, apartment, or even in coffee houses rather than working from the office. Those who WFH often have their own small office set up in their home but are not limited to it. The designated work area can be in your bedroom, living room, or even in your kitchen as long as you still get to focus and do your job.

You fundamentally do the same tasks and have the same responsibilities as an employee in an office but in the comfort of your own home. Often this would only be provided to those in higher positions. While each company is different, employers sometimes offer the option of working from home for many reasons for the business to continue functioning. 

Who Is a Good Candidate for Work From Home?

Who Is a Good Candidate for Work From Home?

If you often find yourself stuck in traffic, wasting time and money commuting to work, or even not having enough time for your family, then a home-based job would be perfect for you. Time is gold, no matter how cliche it sounds. Employees who don’t rent near their workplace spend an average of an hour and a half up to two hours daily—one valid reason to say if you’re already on a job interview for a home-based job.

What Are Work From Home Jobs?

What Are Work From Home Jobs?

Homebased work usually falls under the category of admin tasks or data entry. The most popular home-based job is working as a virtual assistant. It can be to book a flight, dinner reservations, arrange documents, or anything legally possible under the sun. Many companies are now adapting to providing WFH options even for BPOs, Accounting, Real Estates, Engineers, Nurses, and many more!

Signs It's Time to Work From Home

Imagine waking up 5 minutes before the start of your shift and still having enough time to brush your teeth and stretch out a bit. Today’s working industries offer a wide variety of jobs that can be done in your preferred place as long as you have a computer. 
Work from home opportunities varies by different job roles and companies. Here in our guide, you will find the available jobs and options if you plan to WFH.

What Type of Homebased Jobs Are Available?

What Type of Homebased Jobs Are Available?
What Type of Homebased Jobs Are Available?

Many startup businesses are also seeking freelancers or those working from home to assist in their daily admin tasks so that they can spend their time on more important matters. These tasks can be to manage orders on Amazon, Shopify, or other online selling platforms. Real estate agents often seek to outsource help for someone to manage their appointments. Nurses are also being sought after for online opportunities to assist doctors with medical admin tasks to attend to more patients. Now even BPO companies are considering providing work from home options as part of their business continuity process.

  • Virtual Assistant
  • Medical Transcriptionist
  • Web Developer
  • Travel Agent
  • Freelance Writer
  • Social Media Manager
  • Data Entry

Other available online jobs:

Project Manager AccountantSEO Specialist
TelemarketerPPC Specialist
SEO SpecialistLead Generation Specialist
PPC SpecialistTranscriptionist
Lead Generation SpecialistTelemarketer
Data Entry SpecialistEcommerce Specialist
Translator/InterpreterCAD Designer/Operator
Ecommerce SpecialistAnimator
CAD Designer/OperatorInternet Researcher
Web Designer & DeveloperInternet Researcher
Marketing SpecialistDigital Marketing Manager
Video Producer/EditorClient Services Specialist
CopywriterBusiness Analyst
Customer Service RepresentativeApp Developer
Online English Teacher/ESL TutorSoftware Engineer
Sales Account ExecutiveSystems Engineer
Graphic Artist/DesignerTechnical Writer
Human Resources (HR) ManagerQuality Analyst
Technical Support RepresentativeAccountant/Bookkeeper

Top Websites for Work At Home Opportunities:


What Are Some Benefits of Working From Home?

What Are Some Benefits of Working From Home?

Working from home is in no way a means to relax and earn money, but it has a lot of benefits compared to working in an office. Some people already feel tired even before starting their shift because of the time it took them to go into their office due to heavy traffic. The rainy or hot weather isn’t any help either, making it harder for someone to commute to work.
Imagine waking up 5 minutes before your work starts and still having enough time to prepare and get your computer ready. It’s a typical case for those who work at home and wants to maximize their time and spend it on more important matters.

Benefits of Working From Home

Benefits of Working From Home

Save Money – We don’t work just to earn money but also to save money. May it be for expenses, wants, emergencies, or savings. Working from home means you get to save money that you usually spend commuting to your office. You’ll be less prone to spending your hard-earned money on things you don’t need.

Flexibility – Some companies allow their employees to work on their own time, and Even if you do have a regular 8 hours shift, you still get the flexibility of doing other tasks. Working while cooking at your home isn’t a rare sight for those who have already gotten the hang of working from home.

Work Anywhere – You can work anywhere you like as long as you get to do your job. You can go on a trip, to a coffee house, malls, or any part of your house.

Healthy Living – Others would say that working from home isn’t fit since you won’t get to move around and exercise but what’s stopping you from doing any of those at home? It would be the perfect time to hit the gym, do some exercise, or even cook some healthy meals now that you have extra free time.

Avoid Office Drama – Have you ever been stuck in an awkward position, surrounded by people who are annoyed at each other and don’t seem to be subtle about it? There you are, just minding your own business and trying to work, but all that negativity in the office just isn’t healthy at all.

Food – Who doesn’t love food? Some companies forbid employees from bringing or eating food in their offices. It would be your house, your rules now when it comes to working from home. No more hours spent waiting for a specific time to eat.

Wear Anything – Or none at all, just kidding. You can wear pajamas or anything you like without having to worry whether you’re violating the company dress code. You can be as comfortable and as fashionable as you want.

Earn More – It’s possible to earn the same if not more than the salary you have in office-based work. You would also have the time and energy to do some freelancing with two or more clients, increasing your earning capacity.

There are many more benefits of working from home, and some are also specific depending on the company or client. One thing is for sure, though; the rewards are definitely worth starting on this new approach of having a career.

What Should I Look for in A Homebased Job?

What Should I Look for in A Homebased Job?

Working from home doesn’t mean you get less than an office-based work because you do the same tasks with the same competence. You spend time and effort in what you do, so it’s your right to look for a company or client that will give you appropriate compensation.

Competitive Salary – Don’t sell yourself short. You are definitely worth it. A great way to start would be to get at least the same amount of salary you get on your office-based job. You’re the one doing the company a favor by saving them the money of renting an office, paying for the electricity, and buying a computer.

Health Cards: Not all home-based companies provide health cards, but it’s a good idea to prioritize those that do. It shows that they care for you.

Paid Time Off – Everybody needs a vacation once in a while, and working from home isn’t an exception. It still depends on the company’s capabilities but being offered paid time off is a bonus point.

Most companies that offer work from home setup leave the employee to pay their taxes, health fees, or other government fees, which aren’t a problem and are reasonably easy to do.

How Does Work From Home Jobs Varies?

How Does Work From Home Jobs Varies?

We know that working from home can either be Full Time or Part Time or even a mix of both, but the job roles and responsibilities vary.

General – There is a lot of freelancing or work-from-home jobs that fall under this category. Such are Virtual assistants, Social Media Managers, Appointment Setter, and many more. The idea is that you are given different tasks and job roles. It can be from ordering pizza, booking flights, setting up appointments, processing campaigns online, and so on.

Flexible – It always pays to be flexible for you to get more opportunities to land a job that you can do in the comfort of your own home. It will ultimately depend on your agreement or contract. You can work on specific tasks like graphic designing while still being assigned other responsibilities like researching or content writing.

How Much Does Work From Home Jobs Pay?

How Much Does Work From Home Jobs Pay?

The moment of truth. Is working from home worth it? When you’re just starting to build experience and getting the hang of working from home, you might find it underwhelming when it comes to looking for the right amount of salary. It can range from $1 to $100 per hour, depending on your experience and expertise. It would be safe and realistic to say that a good starting point for most home-based jobs is around $4 to $5 and above per hour.

What Are Some Key Signs That It May Be Time To Work From Home?

What Are Some Key Signs That It May Be Time To Work From Home?

The decision to start working from home isn’t as simple as quitting your office job and starting anew. It can be scary since we are always looking for stability, especially for our family. 

It depends on a lot of situations, but here are some signs that it’s time to work from home:

1. Financial – If you can get the same amount or more than what you’re getting on your office-based job, then it is to be taken into consideration. Our number one reason is always to earn money for ourselves and our loved ones. 

2. Time – Many employees who work in an office tend to spend more of their time outside than in their home, and it’s not because they want to but because they have to spend a lot of time getting ready and commuting to work. You end up neglecting other responsibilities that you can only do when you’re at home.

3. Socializing – It’s not much for introverts but for those who like to hang out with friends and families, then working from home could be perfect for you. What’s to stop you from having coffee, going on a trip, or grabbing a bite with any of your loved ones, especially since you’ll be in control of your time.

4. Learning – I know it might sound crazy, but many professionals would like to have the capability of further enhancing their skills and knowledge by studying. Working from home means you can spend some of your extra time learning a thing or two to boost your career further.

5. Change of Environment – Change can be a good thing and even more so if you’re working in an environment where there are politics like in your office. Forget the dramas, the negativity and simply work, earn, and be happy.

6. Improve Health – The pollution you suffer by daily commuting takes a toll on your body in the long run. Working from home saves you from that and gives you some time to exercise either in your home or in a nearby gym. Living a healthier life is always a good reason to do something.

7. Getting Ready for Retirement – You won’t be able to enjoy retirement if you’re too exhausted to get where you want to be. Working from home allows you to save money for a life you can look forward to, a life where you can be financially ready and emotionally attached to your family. It’s a life you can enjoy even better when you are living a healthy one.

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