Parents, Let Them Choose The College Course They Want

June 11, 2021

Parents, Let Them Choose The College Course They Want

How many professionals are working in the same field as the course they took in college? Based on my experience and my nonexistent math skills. 90% of professionals don’t end up working in the same field as their college course.

We dream of working right away on the same career path as what we studied but in reality, most of us end up working in a different field. It could be due to a lack of job openings or possibly because of a lack of interest.

It’s not uncommon that parents play a significant role in how college students choose their courses. At some point, it even becomes too demanding on the parent’s side on what their sons or daughters should choose. I believe it affects how most of the employed professionals here in our country don’t end up working in the field or line of business they want.

We, as parents, of course, would love to help and guide our kids. We want to point them in the right direction but taking the proper steps to do that is just as important. I chose my course with the influence of my parents. I loved playing computer games as a kid, so they asked if I wanted to study IT. I said yes because it seemed sensible. The funny thing is, right after graduation, the first job I got is working on sales. Then moved into a financial setup and back to sales again. Currently, I’m working on an SEO company that is kind of related to what I studied in college. *not really lol* Thinking about it now, I probably should have gone with business management instead. I think I would be more interested in pushing myself to grow and work on that career path.

Don’t get me wrong or anything, but I’m not blaming anything on my parents because I can say that I turned out somewhat ok, haha. What’s probably important to do starting when kids go into high school is to start asking them what they would want to take in college, why they want it, and what do they think they can do or the job path they can take after graduation. It’s not to pressure them but to get them ready for an upcoming decision that will be a big part of their life.

Studying a specific course doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be able to work in that same career field but studying a college course that you personally chose, having a lot of interest and passion for it is a big factor that can push you to keep trying. It plays a big part in success, in my opinion.

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