Our Boracay Experience

September 26, 2021

Our Boracay Experience

Who wouldn’t want to go back to Boracay after months of rehabilitation to get around its natural beauty? The last time we got there was in 2016, and even though we weren’t the party type of people (at least me), we did enjoy it mainly because the scenic beauty of Boracay was just that good.

The fine sand in station 1 wasn’t just hype as it was the finest of all the beaches I’ve been to in the Philippines. The clear water was also something new for both of us, enticing us to swim right from the start. 

How to get to Boracay?:

Make sure to check out promotions like Piso Fare if you’re on a budget. Even if the travel period is far, I highly recommend booking your flight early since it would save you a lot and you won’t have any excuse anymore not to travel since you already have a ticket yourself. It’s also good to work on your travel budget ahead of time.
Your option is to Go to Kalibo and then get on about a 30 minutes boat ride and a bus ride or go to Caticlan Airport to save you a bit of time in transportation.

What to Expect in Boracay?:

Boracay is like any other city with lots of establishments. You won’t have a hard time buying the things you need, especially at DMall where there are different restaurants, service shops and of course souvenirs.

Where to Eat in Boracay?:

You won’t have a problem with food because there are lots of restaurants to choose from. Starting with Local, Fast Food, and some Fancy restaurants here and there. We tried eating at Aria Restaurant Boracay and ordered Pasta and Pizza. It’s good, but the pasta was a little too salty for us, so if ever you go here, try to ask if they can make it less salty. They only offer tap water, so… yeah… The pizza was okay, and since it was too big for the two of us, we decided to take some back to the hotel. Good thing they had microwaves in the room.

Transportation is mainly via Tricycle, which unexpectedly at that time it only cost around 20-25 pesos, which is pretty much the same rate here in Manila. This came in handy, especially when we wanted to go to Puka Beach.

Where’s the best spot?

Station 1 and 2 were a bit crowded during that time. It was beautiful, but we were looking for something more peaceful, and that’s what Puka Shell Beach offered.

This is probably our favorite and most enjoyed moment during our trip to Boracay. The sand wasn’t as fine, but the water was amazingly clear. We even enjoyed seeing the shells during our stroll. 

Many stores offer free spots to rest as long as you buy drinks from them. It sounded fair because you wouldn’t want to stay under the sun for too long. The prices of the drinks were just right as well. They even offered us to use their equipment for free; unlike on stations 1 and 2, everything you do, like kayaking, snorkeling, and paddleboard, has a price.

Probably her favorite picture. 🙂

Where to stay in Boracay?

You wouldn’t want to ruin the experience and beauty of Boracay by staying in a horrible place. Good thing Ferra Hotel gave us more than what we asked for. You could even say that Ferra is definitely worth your Pera. *No, they didn’t pay me to say that*

Complimentary drinks upon arrival.

The bathroom was clean and had a heater. The loft room we got also had a drawer with a vault in it. There’s a TV and Aircondition in the room.

The whole room itself was spacious and beautiful that leaving its comfortable ambiance was hard, especially in the morning. That’s probably the only con, lol.

Breakfast was nice as they offered Pilipino dishes and other options for foreigners not used to having rice meals. You can take a dip in their pool if you’re not feeling like going to the beach yet.

It’s was cool that they have this roof bar because when evening hits, and again we’re not (me) the party type of folks. We were able to hang out intimately due to the place not being that crowded. It’s open for the public, though, in case you just want to drop by.

Their drinks and food are perfect. The fries we ordered were also of good servings, so you wouldn’t have to order that much.

All in All, I think one of the reasons we enjoyed Boracay soo much even though we didn’t do many activities except for beach bumming and food trips is because we had Ferra Hotel to give us a place to simply relax after a day out under the sun.

Will we go back to Boracay? Definitely! Especially since we want to see the difference from the rehabilitation that the government did!

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