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Make Money From Writing

March 16, 2021

Make Money From Writing

Earn around 100 dollars for something you can write in less than an hour! Sounds impossible? Well, it’s not and that’s not even the maximum you can get!

I’ve mentioned in a previous article how blogging can not only be a hobby but also a way for you to earn money. I’m not even talking about Adsense and other forms of ads you can run on your site. You can earn money by writing articles and finding the right platform where you can get clients.

Let’s first talk about getting your own blog. Getting started is free since you can just use Blogspot or WordPress. You can write about anything that you have a passion for. For me, it’s about sharing work from home opportunities, technology, financial information, and personal experiences. I started with Blogspot which is a free platform and then, later on, bought my own domain for as low as 250 Pesos for 1 year. I didn’t even think too much into what are the things I can do aside from writing blog posts but then AdSense became a thing as well as sponsored posts.

One specific site I would like to share is Intellifluence. Registering on their site is super easy and free. Once you sign up and list your website and social media pages, you’ll be able to choose from a list of various campaigns. Based on my experience, I immediately saw a couple of campaigns right after signing up even though my site isn’t that high in terms of domain authority as well as my followers count on social media which is around 1k+ only.

My first campaign got me paid $100 for an article that only took me less than an hour to write! Upon submission, the client immediately sent the payment. There’s a hold period of 15 days from Intellifluence which then later on automatically got transferred to my Paypal account. You’re lucky if you have multiple sites. That means more opportunities for you!

Where else can you normally get that much for such a short amount of time? There are other sites you can try which I’ll soon be making a list of so do stay tuned! I just signed up for a couple more campaigns as I’m writing this blog post. Crossing my fingers for more to come.
If writing is your passion and If you’re wanting to earn money by doing so then sign up here: Intellifluence

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