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Legion 5 R7-4800h with RTX 2060 vs Legion 5 Pro R7-5800h with RTX 3070

February 14, 2021

Legion 5 R7-4800h with RTX 2060 vs Legion 5 Pro R7-5800h with RTX 3070

Ok, so this is just a quick comparison of the Legion 5 2020 vs the Legion 5 pro. Thermals didn’t change that much since it still runs from 80-90 degrees Celcius while gaming. 

Legion 5 2020

Legion 5 2021 / pro

This is to be expected since there’s no difference internally, except for the hinge design which has been reinforced. The legion 7i was the only one that had problems with the hinge before but Lenovo has decided to make the Legion 5’s hinge even better! 

For the CPU it still gives the same no. of cores and threads but the 5800h gives a higher base and boost clock. This gives it an edge towards both games and productivity compared with the 4800h.

If you look at the benchmarks it says how the R7 5800h overall have better performance than the 4800h. It also uses more power that’s why on specifications alone you could say that the 5800h runs hotter but on actual usage, you can barely tell the difference in temperature.

The performance difference between the two processors is really just a matter of a couple or a few seconds.

Here’s the main difference between the Legion 5 with RTX 2060 and Legion 5 pro with RTX 3070 in terms of FPS and GPU Temperature. I only got the results for these 3 games so far since they had the most similar specs from those who already own them.

Overall the RTX 3070 has continuously shown a consistent +20 FPS in terms of gaming while on ULTRA or Max settings. The Legion 5 pro has an option to run in QHD which would give better graphics but at the cost of a couple of FPS drop.

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