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Is the New Legion 5 2021 Worth The Wait?

June 5, 2021

Is the New Legion 5 2021 Worth The Wait?

I’ve seen a lot of people asking this question and are torn between either buying the available Legion 5 models including the ones with Ryzen 7 4800h + RTX 2060 or waiting for the ones like the Legion 5 2021 model with Ryzen 7 5800h and up to RTX 3060. 

Photo from Own or Disown

You can read below some of the information I got with regards to the performance difference of R7 4800h vs R7 5800h and RTX 2060 vs RTX 3060. In terms of the actual built of the laptop, I didn’t see any major changes except for the screen size and having the option of getting a 165hz screen.

Let’s start with the difference in the performance of R7 4800h and R7 5800h.

Photos from Jarrod Tech

There are definitely improvements seen in the performance between the two processors mainly on tasks involving the usage of multi-cores. Tests run using Cinebench R23 shows that the R7-5800h got 1.3k more scores than the R7-4800h. It also performs better in terms of file compression and decompression.

Using Blender Open Data

It checks how fast your processor is in terms of rendering. The picture above shows a very negligible difference. The 4800h seems to draw less power but gives a higher CPU clockspeed. Which means it gives better performance using less power. I’m no genius but I figure that also means that the 4800h will have better thermals than the 5800h just like what it shows on one of the pictures above. The R7-5800h does have an advantage in terms of its iGPU as it gives better framerates than the R7-4800h.  The last test shows that you get an average of 7 more FPS but let’s face it. Who would play games using an iGPU?

Now for the battle of the GPU which I know a lot of you are wanting to know the difference between the RTX 2060 and RTX 3060.

Pictures from Benchmark Lab

Average FPS difference varies depending on the games you’ll be playing.

For FPS games like Fortnite, the difference can go up to 50 Frames per second but for AAA games like Horizon Zero Dawn the FPS difference seems to be around 15.

Other games tested for the difference in FPS between RTX 2060 and RTX 3060:

Read Dead Redemption 2: 22 FPS

Battlefield 5: 23 FPS

Assasin’s creed valhalla: 15 FPS

Warzone: 30 FPS

Watchdog: 27 FPS

MFS 2020: 9 FPS

We know that the GPU also affects the performance of work-related tasks and content creation which I’ll try to include later on when the actual units are already available and when we have more info.

Here’s a video for a comparison of the legion 5 2020 and legion 5 pro:

I already have the Legion 5 2020 model R7-4800h, 1660ti, and will probably keep using it for 3 more years. Choosing between the current Legion 5 2020 model with up to 2060 or the 2021 model with up to 3060, I’ll most likely buy the 2020 model with RTX 2060. The performance difference isn’t that big for me to spend more on a newer model. The decision will mostly depend on what you’ll actually be using your laptop for. The 2021 model will cost more even though the starting price is $770 compared to the 2020 model which has a starting price of $799.99 as of this moment.

Just to share the Legion 5 i7 10750h with RTX 2060 is down to 66,499 pesos at Gigahertz while the R7 with 2060 is 67,499 pesos. It’s weird how AMD is getting priced higher than the intel variant when it should be the other way around.

The only thing I don’t like about the Legion 5 R7 -4800h with 2060 right now is the availability and the market price which seems to have soared because of the demands and how everyone is trying to use AMD instead of Intel.

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