I Miss Playing Classic Games

March 9, 2021

I Miss Playing Classic Games

A lot of us now have extra time to play games especially those who are working from home. No more commuting and those extra hours can now be spent on practically anything!
In my case, I spend most of my extra hours playing video games. I must admit though that it’s been hard to find new games that would actually get me hooked. Most new games nowadays look and feel the same which got me thinking about just playing old games that are still good.

I recently found out about I’ve been playing solitaire since I was a kid on my windows computer. Now it’s available to be played online even on my cellphone! One amazing thing is that it’s just a browser game which means I don’t even need to download it. Thankfully since I’m running out of space on my mobile.

Golf Solitaire

Mahjong Solitaire
I actually didn’t know about the other Solitaire games as I’ve only been playing Klondike. Fun fact I didn’t even know that’s what it’s called haha! My mom used to tell me that being able to complete Solitaire in one try in a day brings good luck. I used to test my luck for the day by playing this game. Never really got to actually test how effective it is though.  They also have other games like Golf and Mahjong which I’m still trying to learn. I’m sure my mom would love to know about this too. I’m not exactly a card game fanatic but I can totally see myself spending hours playing Klondike while laying in bed.

All this talk about classic games got me remembering video games like Pacman or even Tennis which I used to play on our family computer or also known as FamCom. To my surprise, they actually also have a section on their site that allows you to play those games. They have Cookie Monster which is a PacMan-inspired game.

The tennis game looks exactly and feels exactly like how we play games in the past. It’s definitely a blast of nostalgia. Please don’t mind the score. I’m definitely out of practice. On that note, this page is definitely going on my bookmark!
As a long-time gamer, these are definitely a solid combination of classic games. The only thing missing is that circus-type of game and duck shooting one. Overall, I see myself simply popping up my phone during lazy hours and spending it on these online games. It would have been an awesome find too when I was still commuting to work since it took me 2 hours to get to my office. All those boring bus rides could have been used to be a pro tennis player haha. At least on video games. How about you? Which classic games do you miss the most?

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