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How To Send Or Receive Payments In Paypal Without Fees

July 13, 2021

How To Send Or Receive Payments In Paypal Without Fees

Every cent counts, especially if it’s $ converted to pesos or other currencies. That’s why it’s essential to know ways and options to receive or send money with very little to no fees at all.

You’ve done your job as a freelancer, virtual assistant, or practically any work from home job, and it’s that time to now get your payment for your hard work. The ways to receive money from your clients vary. Online job platforms like Upwork and Golance charge different fees ranging from 5-20% of your income. Another alternative you can suggest to your client if you’re working directly for someone is getting your payment via Paypal.

It’s fast, easy, and free to create a Paypal account. It also doesn’t cost any extra both for you and your client when making your transactions, and here’s how you can do so: 

1. Step 1 is to log in to your Paypal account using your web browser and click on the Send and Request tab on the top part of the page.

2. Enter the Paypal email of the person you would like to send money to. This is typically done by the clients or anyone who would like to send money to someone else.

3. The most essential part is to choose Sending to a friend as the payment option to avoid getting charged any fees. From the client’s point of view, they are technically making a payment for a service, but it’s crucial to advise them to use the “Sending to a friend” option so that you can still receive your compensation in full.
You might ask, what’s in it for Paypal? Why are they doing this service for free? I’m sure there are tons of ways to make their money with millions of people using their service. One thing to note is that converting from one currency to another will most likely be lower than the actual conversion rate you’ll see on google. Even with a minimal difference in conversion rate, receiving payments through Paypal is still one of the best ways for you get to avoid upfront fees of 5-20% from online job platforms.

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