How To Sell On Shopee

December 16, 2021

How To Sell On Shopee

When there’s a sale on online selling platforms, we’re usually the ones who buy but what if we want to be the seller instead to earn money? It’s free and easy to get started. Here’s a quick guide on how to sell online at Shopee!

Note: Make sure to check the prohibited product list and verify your mobile number before you start.

What to Sell on Shopee?

There’s a lot of online sellers right now, which is also a form of working from home. It’s totally up to you on what to sell as long as it’s legal. It can be Clothes, Food, Gadgets, and a lot more!

How To Start Selling in Shopee

1. Creating an account is quick and easy. You can sign up using your phone number, Facebook, or Gmail account.  

2. Once logged in, click on Seller Centre in the top left corner. On the next page, enter the pickup address.

3. There are lots of tools to help you manage your sales, but to get started, you can click on “add a new product.”

4. Enter the name of the product: Red Dress – Choose the right category – Women’s Apparel, Dresses, Formal, then click “Next.” This helps buyers find your item more accessible.

5. Finalize all the details and descriptions of the item. Choose available Shopee Supported Logistics and click on Save and Publish.

You now have your very first product listing in Shopee! Easy right? You can play around with the settings, tools, and a lot more to familiarize yourself with managing sales and inquiries. The next time there’s a sale in Shopee, it might be you who’s on the other side instead. Good luck!
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