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How To Install Windows Operating System Using A USB

September 5, 2021

How To Install Windows Operating System Using A USB

There’s one word to describe an easy step on installing or doing a windows repair using a USB and that’s “RUFUS”

It’s a light and simple utility that enables you to make a bootable USB flash drive. A very handy tool when you need to install an OS on computers that don’t have a CD-Rom and basically something easier to carry around than a CD. I’ve personally used this a lot in the past to do either new installations or some corrupted OS that just simply needs a windows repair.

It’s fast, easy to use, and most of all FREE!

You can download the utility for free here: Rufus 2.9 (911 KB) 


1 Have your copy of Windows OS ready or download a copy online. (I’ll leave it up to you where you’ll get your copy) 

2 Get your USB that has enough space to copy your OS Installer.

3 It should look like this upon plugging in your USB and running Rufus on your computer. Just choose your USB for the Device and click on the ISO image icon on the right side to choose your copy of the OS from your computer. Click start and wait for it to finish.

4 Well, there’s really no step 4 because that’s it! You’ve just successfully made your very own Bootable USB drive that you can use to install a new operating system or go in repair mode for corrupted windows.

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