Hire Candidates with No Experience

December 2, 2021

Hire Candidates with No Experience

I saw an ad for a job post where you can earn up to ₱50,000 thousand pesos monthly but what’s the catch?

The job post is for a Marketing Automation Specialist and at first, I thought it sounded so complicated. I read the job roles and surprisingly it’s actually the same as what I’m already doing which is preparing campaigns to be sent out using an automated system. One of the roles also includes monitoring the campaign’s progress, clicks, email opened, and other data. Click this link if you want to try applying.

The qualifications are:

  • 1 to 4 years of professional experience
  • Understanding of database concepts
  • Excellent communication skills in English
  • Advanced knowledge of MS Excel including Pivot Tables, formulas, and list management tools
  • Learns quickly and asks a lot of questions
  • B.A. degree in business or engineering related field
  • Amenable to work in Mandaluyong City* on a night shift schedule

They even offer health cards but I didn’t apply because it’s only a temporary work-from-home setup during the pandemic. I also know that when employers say the word “Up To” means that it can reach that much but only with certain criteria involved such as commissions and bonuses.

What made me interested in writing about this post is one particular requirement that an applicant must have to be hired or considered for an interview: At least 6 months of Marketing Automation experience. Yes, it’s for the benefit of their company but what harm would it do to invest in training an employee to know this process? I used to handle sales marketing before I transitioned into preparing the actual campaigns and it only took about 2 days’ worth of training and practice to learn how to do it.

That’s why it makes me wonder why wouldn’t a company give chance to those eager to learn and work by simply training them? It promotes loyalty to their employees since they’ll be thankful for the opportunity to work, learn, and earn. It might sound too patriotic but it also helps the country lessen the number of unemployed citizens.
I’m not saying that this particular company will fail and doesn’t provide training to their employees. I’m just saying that they can definitely benefit from helping aspiring applicants fit into the job position. It should make their search into hiring an employee for such job roles easier. Someone without experience would be willing to also accept lower rates but will be thankful still for the opportunity.

Candidates without experience are usually the ones with fresh and new ideas that can help your company grow. They are also highly adaptable to new environments and are willing to learn. These candidates will show their gratitude to your company by bringing out their passion and eagerness to succeed. Help create a future that makes working for a company a learning opportunity and not just a place to earn money. 
Do you need help finding the right people who are willing to work hard but without experience? Contact me for assistance on your recruitment needs.

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