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Getting More Than One Job

February 20, 2021

Getting More Than One Job

Having 3 jobs never crossed my mind especially when I used to go to the office to work. Commuting used to take a total of 4 hours which takes time and energy that made having a second job look like suicide.
I have to say though that just because I now have more time doesn’t mean it’s easier to find a second job. I had tons of rejection from different companies whenever I mention that I don’t plan to quit my current full-time work-from-home job and that I’m just looking for an additional source of income. Everything is great until it gets to that part where I notice the change in the interviewer’s tone and energy since they want me to focus on their company only.
I must say, lying that I’ll be quitting my full-time job crossed my mind but thought otherwise. My current client in my full-time job even encouraged and assured me that it’s alright to have other work as long as I complete my daily tasks. It made me realize that if my current employers trust me enough then why can’t the new ones do the same? Simply put I can say that I just haven’t found the right people to work with until recently.

Here are some tips on landing and managing 3 jobs:

1. Look for a full-time or part-time job that’s similar to your current job.

You’re probably very good at what you do already. That means there would be days where you spend less time doing your work and being able to redirect your time and energy for other jobs.

2. Avoid conflict of interest.

I mentioned looking for something similar to your current job but try to find something that won’t have any conflict with each other. An example would be if you’re a social media manager for a skincare brand then try to look for another client with a different niche like cosmetics, fashion, technology, etc.

3. Be transparent with your employers.

If you think you’re capable of managing 2 or more jobs then there shouldn’t be any problem at all. I’m lucky to have a boss that didn’t hold me back from earning more for my family. I’m also blessed to have found new clients who didn’t doubt that I can fulfill my responsibilities for their company despite already having a full-time job.

4. Try to find jobs that have fixed rates instead of per hour.

I currently have a per-hour work where I need to stay online for the whole shift. Absolutely don’t have a problem with that since it’s my most stable source of income. In terms of looking for another job though I decided to look for the ones that offer a fixed rate as long as I get to deliver their required output. This allowed me to manage my time much better and still be able to do my job responsibilities properly.

A message to companies that avoid hiring candidates that already have a job:

I hope you can take into consideration the candidate’s skills, experience, and knowledge before deciding. Try to look on the brighter side that they are honest enough to mention that they have another full-time job but would love to still work for your company. Understand that they wouldn’t be applying for another job if they think they wouldn’t be able to handle the workload. Lastly, give them a chance cause you never know. You might be on your way to hiring one of your most hardworking and dedicated employees.

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