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5 Tips To Improve Your Writing Speed

November 14, 2021

5 Tips To Improve Your Writing Speed

Have you ever heard of typing speed? If you’re a writer, this is the most critical skill that will help your writing improve. When we type faster, our thoughts flow more efficiently, and we don’t have to think about what words to spell. Many people believe they can’t type fast enough, but with some practice, anyone can learn how to increase their typing speed. In this blog post, I’ll share five tips on how you can improve your typing speed so that your writing improves too! 

1. Know your audience 

You need to learn who will be reading what you produce. Knowing your audience can create a better connection and make it easier for them to understand what’s written down on paper or screen. 

2. Keep it concise and straightforward

Many people make the mistake of overcomplicating their writing. They try to use big words, or they think that longer sentences are better. However, this is not the case. Writing simple and concise content will make it easier for readers to understand and enjoy your work more. Keep these tips in mind when you sit down to write, so there’s no chance of an overly complicated post! 

3. Be aware of the time you have to write for

It’s not uncommon for writers to find themselves in a position where they have multiple deadlines on their plate and little time left to write. If this is an ongoing problem, it can make your work challenging and stressful as you try to juggle everything at once. However, there are ways that freelancers or other writers can avoid getting into this situation by planning and setting realistic expectations on what they’re able to do.
Start with your most significant priority deadline – the one that needs the most attention – and create a plan for how much time you’ll need in total each day of writing to know when you should stop working on it after completing it. Then move on to the next priority deadline.

4. Write in a comfortable environment with no distractions

Are you a freelancer or professional writer? Do you find that your productivity and creativity suffer when distractions such as noisy coworkers, social media notifications, and email pile up on your desk? Keep reading to know how to increase your writing productivity without sacrificing any of the quality. 
It is essential to identify what distracts you the most and make changes accordingly to write in a comfortable environment with no distractions. For example: if we are easily distracted by noise from our coworkers or roommates, we may want to consider getting an office space outside of the home where there is less distraction. If we are easily distracted by emails coming in all day long, then maybe it’s time for some self-control and to set boundaries.

5. Use an app like

You probably won’t believe me, but most of the content on this blog post has been written by an AI! It would have probably taken me an hour or so, but with the help of this app, it cut my content writing time in half. By using, a dialogue platform that uses machine learning and natural language processing (NLP), I can create better articles with less effort. 

You can improve your writing speed with practice and the help of apps. 

It’s never too late to start practicing these skills so you’ll be ready when a deadline comes up or if you want to take on extra work. I hope my advice will motivate you to put in the time and effort needed so that it won’t feel like such an uphill battle just getting words onto paper one day. The best way is always through trial-and-error–keep trying new things until something sticks! Hopefully, by now, I’ve helped answer any questions about creating content faster and with less effort.

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