How To Find A Good Ergonomic Chair


Alright, it pains me to do this because if there's one thing I hate more than losing money it is buying something that's not worth the price.

Let me share with you my experience in buying this Ergonomic Chair that you probably see from time to time in Lazada and Shopee.

It comes with different branding and pricing but basically the same type of chair. The one I got doesn't have a footrest but there's no other difference from the one with. It was at a sale price of 2,999 pesos + a 200 pesos Shopee coins cashback. It's a great deal but things changed after getting to try the actual chair.

The chair itself arrived after 4 business days. There was no manual like what other people said in the review. It was fairly easy to assemble. You just have to make sure you're using the right screws for the right parts.

Here's my actual experience with this so-called Ergonomic Chair and some pointers on finding the right chair for you:

1. Highback - Highback chair might not be for you if you're not that tall. I'm 5'3 and I find this chair too much on the back up to the headrest. It comes to a point where I don't get to enjoy the headrest anymore because the length doesn't match my body.

2. Armrest - I was going to settle with the armrest being adjustable when you lean back but it wasn't enough in terms of the height. It's still better to find a chair with an adjustable height for the armrest. The one I got has a thin foam with a layer of mesh on it which was a big mistake. I read a comment from someone saying how it hurts his elbow and I thought he was exaggerating but that's definitely what I feel whenever I place my elbow on it.

3. Lumbar support - This is one of the good points of this chair. The height is adjustable to make it more comfortable but what makes it uncomfortable is the distance of the back support from the front of the seat. You would have to really lean back in order to feel the lumbar support.

4. The seat - It wasn't as soft as I expected it to be. My old office chair's seat feels softer and more comfortable compared to this one. Another flaw I noticed is the seat being too wide which makes it hard to lean and feel the back support. 

This is the max height and I'm comparing it to my regular office chair.

5. The Gas Cylinder - It works perfectly but the height once again fails to meet what I want and need. It's too short in my opinion.

6. The wheels - This is the last thing I wanted to comment about because I thought it's not as important but I found myself needing to move sometimes and it feels like the wheels aren't as smooth making it a little bit harder to move.

All in all, I think this chair might be a better fit for taller people because of the highback and headrest but it might also cause them a bit of discomfort because of the low height when adjusting the Gas Cylinder. For about 3k I think this one isn't worth it at all and it hurts me to say that cause I really hate wasting money. 

My last advice in finding a good ergonomic chair is to try it out first in an actual physical store instead of just reading reviews and watching videos. If comfort and budget is your main concern then the more reason to try it out first before buying.

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