Is Pineapple Staffing Legit and How to Apply As An Online Virtual Assistant

Here I am again to share with you one of the legit ways to get started as an online Virtual Assistant. Oops, that pretty much answers whether Pineapple Staffing is legit or not.

It's actually one of the companies that I applied to and got hired in the past. Yes, I applied to a lot of companies that offer work from home opportunities. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to continue but not because they aren't a legit company but because it was originally supposed to be my second job but due to schedule conflicts, the requirements needed like updating my RDO location, NBI clearance. I just didn't have enough motivation during the time to pursue it.

If those are something you wouldn't mind taking care of, then this might be the perfect opportunity for you. The interview process is super easy, in my opinion. It only took about 5 minutes from what I remember, and they immediately let you know whether you pass or fail. They provide free training, so you don't really have to have any previous experience as a virtual assistant. Here are the Application, Hardware, and Software Requirements:

The free training takes 5-10 days. It's not paid, but you'll be able to learn a lot, especially if this is your first time working as a virtual assistant. The rate is up to $5 per hour. What happens after you pass the training period is that your profile will be pooled in their database where their client will be choosing their preferred virtual assistant. The total income depends on how many hours your client will ask from you.

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