How To Set Up Your New Lenovo Legion Laptop

We normally have a limited number of days to get a laptop replaced so as much as possible we need to test and make sure that the unit we got is working perfectly. Here are some tips and guides on what to do after buying a new laptop. This specific guide is focused on a Lenovo Legion Laptop but a lot of the tips also apply to other brands. 

Things do to pag bagong bili ng Lenovo Legion laptop:

  • Make a backup image of the PC's hard drive (Option 1 using: Macrium Reflect)
  • Update windows to 1909 and BIOS (2004 might cause issues for some) (version 20H2 seems to be working fine) Update for 20H2: at first, I thought it was working fine but then I started having problems with the wifi. It keeps getting disconnected. I tried uninstalling the wifi driver and installed the one from Lenovo's site but still had the same problem. Went back to version 1909)
  • Check Lenovo Vantage for updates
  • Update NVIDIA DRIVERS and GeForce Experience Game Ready and Studio drivers
  • Update Warranty to 3 years by sending receipt(proof of purchase) and serial number to premium care's email address. (Only applicable to Legion's 10th gens in PH) You only need to do this if it only shows 2 years on your Lenovo Vantage app.
  • Check for dead pixel
  • Check for excessive screen bleeding
  • Uninstall any other Antivirus. Windows Defender is enough + Free Malwarebytes
  • Download HWiNFO to check temperatures
  • Msi afterburner for fps monitoring
  • Check the Webcam and Speakers as well as ports
  • Basic pero check narin kung tama specs ng laptop na binili

Good to know + Iwas panic:
  • Pag bigla di gumana yung backlight keyboard - Update bios via Lenovo Vantage App
  • Ok lang nakasaksak ng matagal yung charger - Better kung naka on yung conservation mode.
  • Fn key + Esc = turns on and off Fn keys function.
  • Fn key + Spacebar turns on and off / adjust the brightness of the keyboard backlight
  • Windows + Alt + R = Screen Recorder if it doesn't work press Windows + Alt + G first then close it
  • Hindi nag cha-charge kahit naka plugin - Check conservation mode
  • Touchpad not working? Press FN + Esc once FnLock is on just press F10
  • Wifi disconnection - Uninstall WLAN driver and Install windows 10 wifi drivers 
  • Average Battery Duration = 3 hours so just keep it plugged in as much as possible. Make sure to turn off settings in the vantage app for the USB port being always on. When turning your laptop off, wait for the lights to switch off first before closing the lid. 
  • Temperature: Average while gaming is 60-70 but 70-80 is still safe.
  • Most issues are normally fixed by having the latest drivers.
Budget-friendly peripherals suggestions for work and games:

Wireless mouse: Ajazz i305 pro (Logitech's G pro wireless clone)
Wireless keyboard: Logitech's K270
USB over-ear gaming headset: JBL Quantum 400

Extra Information:

I'm now using the Windows 10 20H2 version! 

I decided to give this a try. It came directly from someone working in Microsoft.
Do this as a last resort in case you encounter a problem with audio, lags, Wifi or anything, and all other efforts failed to resolve it. You can also do this as a safe and stable way to upgrade to version 20H2. Run a Repair Install by installing the Media Creation Tool and choosing from it to Upgrade Now. This solves many problems and will also bring it up to the latest version which you need anyway and by the most stable method.

It's free and basically what happens is that an updated windows version will be installed.  It's applicable to any laptop encountering bugs and problems with version 20H2. I did this cause I suddenly had problems with the audio and Wi-Fi. Doing this got my windows started straight to version 20H2 without any problems anymore. I once read how it's not really the updates that are messing with our computers but how the update is done. It’s been more than a week since I did this and so far it’s been working perfectly. Hopefully, there won't be any more problems. I'll update this again just in case.

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