What Business Should I Start?

It's driving me nuts thinking of what business should I start. There's just soo much to think about especially since we're not yet clear with the coronavirus situation. I thought about getting started with a water station or maybe reselling clothes or even makeup LOL. I even thought about just getting an additional insurance policy since I basically don't know what to do! All the things we have to go through for the love of family~

I guess I'm at this point in life where I really want to get everything together and have not just a stable income but something that can help me achieve more for myself and my family. I've been seeing a lot of houses and lot advertisements on Facebook and it makes me feel more anxious about what business should I start with.

Water Station: This is the first thing that came to my mind. I mean everybody drinks water, right? Then I search for how much it would normally cost for the equipment. The process was pretty straight forward, you think of a name for your business, get it registered, get your equipment setup, get your water sample tested, and sell. The capital needed is around the price range I expected but then I got to thinking about the expenses for the employees, the utility bills, and how it would go with the current pandemic with coronavirus. I ended up putting this dream on hold for now because it doesn't really seem to be that profitable at the moment or at least base on my simple calculations.

Selling / Reselling Clothes: Oh boy, This one has been popular online both on social media and online selling platforms. I searched and searched and searched until I found some options for the possible partnership for reselling clothes but then my half-empty glass thinking got the better of me. I mean it's still doing well right now but because of the current situation with coronavirus, I don't think a lot of people would be caring that much with what they wear. Sales might slowly go downwards especially since reselling is just basically selling clothes both from other people for a higher price. The thing is everyone will always try to find ways to save. What's stopping them from buying to other vendors that sells the same product for a lower price?

Selling Makeup: I saw this particular local make-up brand. Their products are good and I'm just one push away from investing in buying their starter pack and work on reselling their make-up together with my wife. What's stopping me? It's almost the same with clothes on how people right now wouldn't be as conscious of their looks since most of us don't even go out and would want to take the risk of catching the virus. I must say their deals of providing their skincare and makeup products at a reseller's price is really tempting since you can sell at the same price as any other seller but still get profit. It's just a matter of who provides better customer service.
Investing In VUL: - I used to think that one life insurance is enough and who on earth would need more than that? Now I'm thinking of getting more since the business bug hasn't bitten me yet. I currently have life insurance that also has an investment program which I plan to use for my retirement. The thing is I now realize that although the life insurance part (death benefit) is quite an amount. The end profit and total savings on the other hand are just a handful and are definitely not enough to live the life I want. So yes, if you have the means then get more life insurance not just for when you die but also for when you retire.

Out of all those mentioned which one do you think I'll go for? I'm not quite sure either so I'll save it for my next blog. I'm all ears if you have some business ideas. 

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