How I Started To Work From Home

I'm so tired of daily commuting to work! The scorching heat, the erratic weather, the traffic, and the travel time all suck! These are my daily struggle when I used to work in an office-based job.

Thank you for calling, How can I help you, I'm sorry to hear that are some of the most repeated phrases I've said in my previous job. You probably already have an idea of what I used to do for a living. I've been a call center agent for about 4 years. I worked on Sales, Billing, and a bit of Technical support in various companies. Specifically Stream, Sykes and VXI all in order. I worked for another 3 years with Accenture as an Order Manager before finally deciding to work from home.

The main reason why I quit my office-based job.

The higher my salary goes as I switch from one company to another, the farther and more time consuming it became to go to work from our home. I guess a great salary comes with great distance? My travel time from daily commuting was around 4 hours. Renting an apartment near the office wasn't an option since I already have a family. It's something a lot can probably relate to. 

I used to work in the same company with my wife until we decided for her to stop working to focus on the kids but awesomeness didn't stop her from earning from home. Blogging though not exactly a job provides her the opportunity to earn money. She also found an online job as some kind of customer relations slash marketing agent. The old me who's at a time would need to bring extra clothes either because it's too hot or because of getting wet from the rain had a glimpse of hope that it's possible to work from home and get a decent amount of compensation.

Where Did I Find An Online Job

There are a lot of ways to find an online job. One of which is on Facebook groups for home-based jobs. I'm speaking from real-life experience since that's how my wife found her online work. In my case, it was on a weekend when I decided to search for work. I first tried searching on Facebook but didn't have as much luck. I then searched on Google. I typed in "Home-Base Job" and found myself directed to Jobstreet. I couldn't believe that home-based jobs are also posted in Jobstreet but that's exactly where I found my current work. 

There were other sites and job-roles but I find my current work a perfect match since I've been trying to stay away from a voiced type of career like in the BPO industry. I'm currently working as an Email Sales Marketing Agent for an SEO company. I won't lie saying that I get soo much more than what I used to from my previous company but there is a significant increase especially for someone with a family. 13th Pay, Christmas Bonus, and Allowances aren't common in a work from home job but even without those I still get to enjoy better compensations. The bonus would be in terms of taxes and other mandatory fees you pay as an office-based employee if you know what I mean.

How Financially Stable Is It to Work From Home

It's a case to case basis but most of the time you'll be considered as a Freelancer. It means that you're not technically an employee of a certain company though you provide your service. This is also one of the main reasons why most work from home jobs doesn't have any other benefits aside from getting good pay.

The first thing that made me have doubts about working from home was when I heard my interviewer say that as a Freelancer it's possible to be let go by the company depending on my performance. It's a common thing and I've witnessed it personally when some of those working with me were laid off. It was a scary decision, to be honest. Giving up working in an office for the comfort of working from home was supposed to be an easy decision but when it comes to stability it might not be for everyone.

I had some time to think about it and at one point I even tried attending the training classes while still working in the office just so that I'll get the feel of what I'm really getting myself into. Finally, after a few weeks after training after many discussions with my wife, I decided to quit my job and continue working from home. A decision that I definitely don't regret as I get to enjoy more time with my family, discontinued the dreaded daily commuting to work, and still earning a good amount for my family.

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