Azure Paris Beach Resort Staycation Review

A place that will give you a dose of Vitamin Sea in the City. It's the first man-made beach in the Philippines where you can enjoy playing in the sand, enjoying the beach style scenery, and enjoying sea-like waves from their wave pool.

When time and budget don't fit this is one place you can opt-in to give you a beach like a staycation for the whole family. Fine sand and clear water are some of the things you can expect. It truly captures the beauty of a natural beach and if it weren't for the building around you wouldn't say so otherwise.

Here are a few things you need to expect and need to know before booking your stay:

Swimming Attires: You really have to wear swimsuits or rashguards or else you won't be able to even enter the beach.

Security and Staff: They take their job seriously! Too seriously sometimes but it's for the best.

Rooms and Beach: There's a limit to how many people can be accommodated per room which will also indicate how many people can avail entrance to the manmade beach.

Cooking: Most units owner allow guests to cook. Better make sure to ask first though.

Manmade Beach Entrance: There's an entrance fee of 250 pesos per head unless stated by the owner that it's free. This entrance is only good for either the morning swim or afternoon swim. Wavepool is about 15 minutes every other hour. Make sure to fall in line ahead of time before actually swimming as the line can be quite long during peak seasons.

How to get there:

We usually go by Grab, to be honest. It's quite hard to commute there as well because of the heavy traffic in the area. Make sure to leave early from your destination to avoid inconvenience. The landmark nearest and easiest to spot is SM Sucat. Just a few meters away from Azure Paris Beach Resort Staycation.

We got a 2 bedroom unit enough to accommodate or 5 of us but as per policy, they can even allow up to 6 people inside. Units like this range from 3,000 pesos to 4,500 pesos depending on the season.

 It's 3/5 for us if you would ask me. I like how flexible some of the unit owners are when it comes to their guest but the staff and policies of Azure can sometimes be a bit cringe-worthy. The price and instant beach experience though might help you disregard some of those things and just simply enjoy the experience with your family.

Have you been here? Let us know your experience in the comments section below. We can also help you book your stay with a 2 bedroom unit if you're interested. Just leave us a comment.

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