2020 Is Such A Bullsh*t Year

April 28, 2021

2020 Is Such A Bullsh*t Year

It’s an honor to die for your country, but what if the people in your country aren’t worth dying for? It’s a sad day for our family as we recently learned how my nephew died. He’s a nurse who rides his bike from Tondo to Quezon city, and you can imagine how stressful and tiresome it is just to be able to go to work. Only to work tirelessly while in the hospital full of patients during the pandemic.

We learned that he was a victim of a hit and run. We’ve been worried about how the pandemic is killing healthcare workers but seems to forget how other people can be as dangerous and deadly. I’m thankful that I’m currently working from home, or else I’ll probably be stuck in a place near an office, away from my family, because I am sure as hell won’t be riding a bike for almost 4 hours daily. 

Pictures taken from his Facebook

I’ve had a few conversations with other people before on how they would react when they accidentally hit someone on the road, and it was always mentioned how they would jokingly go back to make sure the person is dead since it would be easier to handle. It’s a sinister thought, but I’m sure they didn’t mean it. It’s been proven true in my nephew’s case, though. It’s worse when you already hit someone on the road, but what kind of evil thinking would you have to go back and hit a person again to make sure he or she is dead?

My nephew was the only one working in their family because of the pandemic, and for this to happen. Life isn’t fair, or should I say other people aren’t fair at all? Nurses aren’t even paid enough, overworked, and in some cases, unappreciated. He was 24 years old. My mom is so emotional cause she was one of the people who helped push my nephew to finish his studies. 

He was a nice kid, helpful, hardworking, and a loving son. Nobody deserves to die like that, and I just hope that justice would be served to whoever did that to him. I hope you’re in peace, Renz. I want to say how there won’t be any long hours of riding a bike to go to work, no more endless patients to attend to, and no more underpaid labor, but the sad truth is we just lost a good person. A son, a brother, a friend, a nurse, and a hero. May you rest in peace.

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