Ordering An iPhone 11 Pro From Lazada

Paying for an item you're purchasing online using a credit card almost seems like a taboo for a lot. What if it's a scam? What if I get a defective item? What if the item doesn't even get delivered at all? Soo many worries comes from buying online but let me share my experience in buying an iPhone 11 pro at Lazada without choosing the cash on delivery (COD) option.

Anniversary Gift For My Wife

My wife has been wanting a new iPhone and I was trying to explain how it's not practical. I told her it would be better to just buy a new laptop. The price of a new iPhone could already get a good deal for a laptop. I had the Lenovo Legion 5i or 7i in mind which I was more than willing to spend a bit more if she would choose to buy a laptop instead. Scam alert, being a gamer my plan was to borrow the laptop from time to time or even eventually switch my current one with the gift I'll be buying her. I know, Evil right?

What If We Can Make Our Own Law?

There's always the same problems in whether on TV, Social Media, Radio or Newspaper and it makes me wonder. Do we have the right law implemented or are there laws that are just not being upheld by the Government? I'm not really pro or anti Government and simply wish we can have a better system in our country.

I listed some ideas I wish would be implemented in hopes of possibly making our country a better place.

What Business Should I Start?

It's driving me nuts thinking of what business should I start. There's just soo much to think about especially since we're not yet clear with the coronavirus situation. I thought about getting started with a water station or maybe reselling clothes or even makeup LOL. I even thought about just getting an additional insurance policy since I basically don't know what to do! All the things we have to go through for the love of family~

How To Sell On Shopee

When there's a sale on online selling platforms we're usually the ones who buy but what if we want to be the seller instead to earn money? It's free and easy to get started. Here's a quick guide on how to sell online at Shopee!